Why Read Aloud?

Your child is a fluent reader, reading at grade level or better. Or maybe she is a teenager, resistant to reading or reading well on her own. So why should you continue to read aloud to your child? The reasons are endless!

According to Education World, children are never too old to listen to a read-aloud. It helps children develop their vocabulary and introduces them to higher-level text.

Jim Trelease, renowned author of The Read-Aloud Handbook and read-aloud expert, compares reading aloud to McDonald’s. The international food chain continues to advertise its product year after year, continually promoting its product. Reading aloud to children promotes reading. Cutting back on that “advertising” gives children the notion that reading is not as important as it was when they were younger. His website offers downloadable read-alouds and more information about the importance of reading aloud.

Reading aloud to your child

  • offers an opportunity to wind down together and enjoy a good story,
  • opens the lines of communication,
  • allows you the opportunity to know what your child is reading,
  • helps build your child’s vocabulary because your child can experience text above her reading level, and
  • models fluent reading for your child, a necessity if she is to grow as a reader.

Read Aloud America offers a list of recommended books to read aloud with your child, whether she is an infant or a high school senior. We hope you will give your child the fabulous gift of reading aloud—no matter her age or reading level!